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  • 2011年01月11日



    切换到WinDiff所在目录,在cmd窗口中运行windiff /?,蹦出WinDiff命令行帮助:



         windiff [options] path1 [path2]




    -D  Compare one directory only.

    -F[flags] savefile Save composite file to 'savefile'.  The 'flags' may consist of one or more of I


    (identical), L (left), R (right), F (moved leFt), G (moved riGht), S (Similar left), A (similiAr right), X


    (exit after saving list).

    (e.g. -FLF saves list of Left or moved-leFt lines).

    -I file  Reads list of files to compare, from the specified input file.  Each line can contain one


    or two filenames, space delimited (with quoting, if filenames contain spaces).  Use "-" as the


    filename to read from stdin.  If a line contains only one filename, the file is compared to itself.

    -N name  NET SEND notification to 'name' at end of comparison.

    -O Outline view (no automatic expansion).

    -P  Perverse comparison: breaks lines on punctuation.

    -S[flags] savefile Save list of files to 'savefile'.  The 'flags' may consist of one or more of S


    (same), L (left), R (right), D (different), X (exit after saving list).

    (e.g. -SLD saves list of Left or Different files).

    -T  Compare whole subtree.

    -SkipDirectoryReparsePoints  Silently skip any directory that is a reparse point; this can be used


    to prevent infinite recursion and crashing on circular mount points or symbolic links.



    windiff -D -T -FL "E:\Download\a.txt" C:\Users\alias\Desktop\A C:\Users\alias\Desktop\B


    -- C:\Users\alias\Desktop\A : C:\Users\alias\Desktop\B -- .\sd.txt -- includes left-only, lines

    -- 0 lines listed


    windiff -D -T -S "E:\Download\a.txt" C:\Users\alias\Desktop\A C:\Users\alias\Desktop\B


    -- C:\Users\v-fafeng\Desktop\A : C:\Users\v-fafeng\Desktop\B -- includes left-only,differing files

    .\sd.txt    only in C:\Users\v-fafeng\Desktop\A  ????????  --------

    -- 1 files listed




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